How It Works

Initial Consultation: 

First, we'll set up an initial consultation where we'll discuss you, your goals, your habits, medical history, and everything in between. This session will be one hour long to give you enough time to allow me to learn about you! You will also learn about my approach and what working together will look like.

Follow Up Sessions: 

After your initial consultation, each follow up session will be 30-45 minutes weekly or biweekly (depending on what works best for you).

Follow up sessions are a chance to reflect on your progress, barriers and additional tools needed to be successful. During these sessions, we will fine-tune your goals, assess your progress and define our focus for the week.

What to Expect

One-on-one personalized sessions with customized recommendations, recipe ideas, unlimited access to text and email support, and notes provided after each session.


Let's set up a phone call! To determine if we'd be a good fit, we can set up a 15 minute complimentary discovery phone call to answer any questions you may have.

Sessions are via phone/wifi unless
otherwise requested for the Boston area.

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