vegan mac and cheese.jpg

vegan mac and cheese

does dairy not agree with your stomach, but you still crave a warm mac and cheese? tap here!

chia seed pudding.jpg

raspberry chia seed compote

find out how to sweeten your oatmeal without any added sugar!

chickpea cookie dough bites.JPG

chickpea cookie dough bites

cookie dough bites made with plants! the perfect, healthful dessert.

veggie tempeh salad.JPG

veggie quinoa tempeh salad

you’ll want to run to the nearest store to get these ingredients!

mango salsa1.jpg

mango cilantro salsa

sweet, but savory salsa that is a perfect addition to any meal!


coconut curry thai dish

looking to switch up your vegetarian dinners? whip up this easy coconut curry on any night!

chickpea cucumber salad.JPG

chickpea summer salad

a bbq essential! the perfect combination of fresh, simple and nutritious.

strawberry banana muffins.jpg

strawberry banana muffins

meal prepping these muffins will make your week easy & delish!

breakfast tacos.JPG

mexican-style breakfast tacos

spice up your breakfast with these mexican breakfast tacos!