Take Care of Your Lips with CBD Infused Lip Balms

Posted by: admin | Posted on: January 12, 2021

Girls and women love to wear lipstick to enhance the beauty of their lips. However, if your lips are not taken care properly, no lipstick can give you the perfect pout. Though it is easy to take care of our lips, we often neglect to do that. Moreover, it doesn’t require a lot of your time. With just few products and little efforts it can be easily done. 

Here are some useful tips to take care of your lips.

Keep Lip Balm Handy

To prevent lips from getting dry and chapped, it is good to keep a lip balm always with you even when you are travelling. Our lips don’t have the ability to filter harmful UV rays from the sun, hence a lip balm with SPF can protect lips from UV rays. 

You can buy a CBD lip balm for moisturizing and curing your damaged lips. CBD lip balms lock the moisturizer in your lips and thus prevent drying and becoming flaky. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD calms and soothes your chapped skin. 

When you want to buy CBD infused lip balms, ensure that it has only CBD and not hemp oil. Though hemp seed oil has health benefits, it doesn’t have the benefits of CBD. For buying genuine products without any doubt, visit Allueur. This is a new company that markets all kind of CBD infused products derived from locally sourced hemp plants. 

No More Licking Your Lips

If you have the habit of licking your lips for any reason thinking it will help your lips, the bad news is that it will worsen your lip condition leading to many problems. It is better to change this habit to keep your lips in good condition. 

Exfoliate Your Lips

Exfoliation helps remove the dead skin and other impurities from your lips. It also helps in regeneration of new skin cells. One easy way of exfoliating your lips is sugar and honey mixture. 

Add two teaspoons of sugar to one teaspoon of honey and apply this to your lips gently. You can wash it off after ten minutes. Apply any moisturizer or coconut oil followed by the exfoliation process. Do this process two times a week for fresh looking, healthy and soft lips.

Use Moisturizer

Since the skin on the lips is thinner than on other body parts, they tend to lose their moisturizer and crack during harsh weather conditions. Applying a layer of Vaseline will provide a protective layer on lips. Especially at night, it is good to apply a thick layer of Vaseline or any other thick moisturizer to keep lips hydrated during night. 

Use Lipstick

Since they don’t have any glands to protect themselves from the UV rays, it is good to use lipstick when you go in the sun. Lipstick can protect your lips from sunrays, dry air and pollution. However, remember to apply lip balm before using lipstick.

When you choose lipstick, choose the ones with vitamin E or glycerin. Remove your lipstick and other lip makeup before going to sleep, since your lips need to breathe. 

Above all, you need a healthy, balanced diet and don’t forget to stay hydrated to have healthy lips. 

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